What is a PEO? What can a PEO do for you?

A Professional Employer Organization – PEO – is sometimes referred to as Employee Leasing or Co-Employment. It’s a legal arrangement where a business engages a PEO to administer the majority of the functions associated with having employees. Payroll, benefits, workers comp, HR compliance, etc… all the things that you must do, but probably don’t like doing. The client retains direction and control of the employees, but the PEO handles all the administrative back office stuff, freeing you up to focus on what you do best. Additionally, a PEO can usually get better pricing since they are doing it for thousands of employees. You also get to offer big company benefits that can be a costly administrative headache to try to do on your own.

Healthcare Reform Compliance

Affordable Care Act

Although using a PEO does not absolve you from complying with the Affordable Care Act, it does make compliance much easier for you. As your outsourced HR department, the PEO has to make sure that all their clients are compliant. Additionally, using a PEO doesn’t make you liable since you are part of a bigger group. The PEO lobby worked hard to make sure that the individual PEO clients are viewed on their own with regard to ACA compliance.

Why use a PEO?

A PEO can help save money and time for a small business.

A PEO appeals to the small to medium-sized firms who want to be free from bookkeeping chores and labor problems.

40 %

Health Insurance
Savings (Average)

30 %

Workmen’s Compensation
Savings (Average)

$1+ million
Client Payroll Engaged
Employees Engaged
Clients Engaged

Why CarolinaPEO?

Every business has unique requirements that not every PEO can address. CarolinaPEO works hard to identify those needs and then find the PEO that can service those needs most effectively at no additional cost or time to you. Let us do the legwork for you.

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